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Who would not want more joy in their life? How about joy that is indescribable? For the Christian, however, joy is more than just something we wish to have and experience. According to Galatians 5:22, joy is a part of the fruit of the Spirit. That means joy should be a natural outpouring of the Holy Spirit’s work in our lives. Why is it, then, that even Christians are often hungry for more joy in our lives? Why are we constantly searching for joy? Could it be that we really do not understand joy and so are searching for it in all the wrong places?

Too often we focus on things that bring us temporary happiness and not on things that bring us true joy. The result is that the world is full of people who are rich and famous, but eminently miserable. At the same time, there are those whose circumstances should make them miserable and yet they have joy. Could it be that we have the wrong concept of what it means to be joyful?

Indescribable Joy came through my own personal desire to know and better understand the Joy of the Lord. In addition to wanting to experience joy in my life, I wanted a life that is characterized by joy so that when others saw me, they saw my joy. I wanted to experience joy regardless of my circumstances. There is no better place in scripture where we can go to learn about this type of sustainable joy than in Paul’s letter to the Philippians.

The book of Philippians is all about joy. Indescribable Joy, therefore, will take you through this letter to the church at Philippi in search of the joy principles contained therein. In reading this book, you will discover how focusing on others rather than yourself will actually increase the joy in your life. Because true joy comes from God, you will learn that working towards your own sanctification will actually improve the level of joy in your life.

Indescribable Joy will teach you how to stop seeking those things that bring temporary pleasure and start working on those things that naturally produce sustainable joy. Perhaps in reading this book, you too can find Indescribable Joy.

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Are you seeking joy? Joel Dison's Indescribable Joy will both help you grow in your understanding of joy and give you a set of practical tools to make discernible progress on your journey. Rooted in Scripture and real to life, Indescribable Joy is a helpful guide to habituating Spirit-empowered joy.

This study confirmed and enhanced the understanding I have developed on this topic... I am spiritually richer for having read it.

A. Philip Brown II, PH.D
Professor of Bible and Theology
God’s Bible School and College

It seems that joy is often an elusive trait for the everyday believer, but why?  The apostle Paul often wrote about the joy that was in him, regardless of the fact that persecution was never far from his side.  Paul understood there was a dilemma in the early church on obtaining joy, and likewise we should examine this issue that surpasses time and culture.  In his encore book, Joel seeks to understand what it takes to achieve what Paul described as an Indescribable Joy.  I was challenged and encouraged as I studied and reflected on the teachings of Scripture in this book and I encourage all believers, regardless of where you are with your walk with Christ, to add this book to your personal study.

Chris Bond, Executive Director
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