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Basic Theology II






Welcome to Basic Theology II.  Because this course is anticipated to be used by a broad range of Christian groups and in order to be considerate of sensitivities associated with various translations of the Holy Bible, all scriptures quoted in this work will be quoted from the King James Version of the Holy Bible.


In the first course (Part I) on Basic Theology, we learned about certain key doctrines of our faith, including fundamental doctrines about God and the nature of our salvation in Jesus Christ.  In this course (Part II), we will take a slightly different approach.  Much of what will be covered in this course will be more practical in nature.  We will deal with the work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of Christians, the church itself, the study of end times, as well as issues such as pain and suffering and cults. 

However, as with the first Basic Theology course, there will be many issues discussed in this course for which Christians and theologians have differing opinions, which are mostly separated along denominational lines.  The course material will attempt to remain as neutral as possible with respect to these issues.  For this reason, you are encouraged to keep an open mind about what is being presented and to test all things against scripture.  Your denomination/organization will likely have positions on a number of these issues, but it will still be important for you to understand some of the other views that legitimately exist. 


1.     The Ministry of the Holy Spirit

2.     The Church of Jesus Christ

3.     The Purpose and Effectiveness of Prayer

4.     The Source and Purpose of Pain and Suffering

5.     Eschatology: The Study of End Times

6.     The Church and Cults

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