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Bible and Bible Doctrine




Welcome to the course Bible and Bible Doctrine.  Because this course is anticipated to be used by a broad range of Christian groups and in order to be considerate of sensitivities associated with various translations of the Holy Bible, all scriptures will be quoted from the King James Version of the Holy Bible.

In Part I (Lessons 1-4), we will look primarily at the basics of Biblical doctrine and Biblical interpretation.  This will not be an explanation of any particular doctrine, but rather a look at doctrine and biblical interpretation in general – focusing on the need to interpret scripture in its proper contexts.  From that, we will see how to study God’s word and apply it in our lives.

            In Part II (Lessons 5-8), we will look a bit more closely at the biblical context itself, focusing on the stories of the Old Testament as they relate to Jesus Christ.  In a way that is hopefully not to dissimilar to the way that Jesus explained the Old Testament to the two men on the Emmaus Road (Luke 24), we intend to see how the events of the Old Testament lead us to a faith in Jesus Christ.

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