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Discipleship and Disciple Making



Welcome to Discipleship.  Because this course is anticipated to be used by a broad range of Christian groups and in order to be considerate of sensitivities associated with various translations of the Holy Bible, all scriptures quoted in this work will be quoted from the King James Version of the Holy Bible.


As Christians, we are called to be disciples – and to make disciples.  This course will focus on the many aspects of discipleship and disciple making.  We will begin with the importance of discipleship and exactly what it means to be a disciple – from the inside out.  Focusing first on ourselves, we will then look at a number of the Spiritual Disciplines that help make us become better disciples.  We will then look at how Jesus modeled discipleship and walk through a very practical way of doing discipleship based on that model.  Using this method, we can build an infrastructure of spiritual growth in our churches and communities where we can bring new converts to be discipled.  Because we are out there making new converts, we will then look at the special discipleship needs of the new believer.  Lastly, we will look very practically at evangelism itself, discussing a number of good practical methods for making new disciples.

1.     The Importance of Discipleship

2.     Spiritual Disciplines Part I

3.     Spiritual Disciplines Part II

4.     Discipleship Methods

5.     Discipling New Christians

6.     Evangelism Methods

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