"When I go to Spain... I hope to... to have you assist me on my journey there."  
-- Romans 15:24  

This Summer 2013, my wife, my son, and I will be privileged to be able to participate in a mission trip with Designs for Hope.  Out team of 15 people will be be going to Lira, Uganda to distribute Bicycle Generator Kits to a number of pastors in that region of Uganda. These Bicycle Generator Kits will enable pastors and evangelists in the region to have battery powered lights for their homes as well as the ability to charge their cell phones.  This small convenience will greatly enhance their ability to minister to their flocks and advance the gospel of Jesus Christ.  In addition, we will also be doing some pastor training, taking advantage of other ministry opportunities, and will be visiting a ranch/orphanage run by African Children's Mission.  As the inaugural mission trip for Designs for Hope, we know that this will be an exciting trip and that God will do great work while we are there.   We covet your prayers as we embark on this adventure for Jesus.

As excited as we are to go on this trip, we could use your help getting there.  Expenses for the three of us to go on this trip will be in excess of $7500.   If God so lays it on your heart to do so, please give prayerful consideration to contributing towards our expenses for this mission trip. All donations made towards the trip will be credited 100% towards our expenses associated with making this trip and will be considered a tax deductible contribution to Designs for Hope (DFH will send you a tax receipt).

Any amount you may be willing to contribute towards our trip will be greatly appreciated.  However, all donations of $50 or more will receive a free copy of my book, Faith Beyond Belief.  Similarly, all donations of $100 or more will not only receive a copy of Faith Beyond Belief, but will also receive a free copy of my soon to be released book, Indescribable Joy.   

To donate towards our mission trip using a secure PayPal link, please click on the donate button below. (Note: the receipt you receive from PayPal will show "JJDISON" as the organization, but you should receive a receipt from Designs for Hope in the mail as well).

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If you do not feel led to contribute towards our expenses for this trip, please still consider prayerfully whether or not to support this cause by contributing directly to Designs for Hope (see below).  Your gifts to Designs for Hope can have a significant impact on the spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

A $50 donation can provide 1,000,000 gallons of clean drinking water to a family via a Sawyer personal water filtration system.
A $100 donation can sponsor a Bicycle Generator Kit for a pastor or evangelist in Uganda. 
A $1000 donation can provide ground transportation for the mission team while in Uganda.

For more information about Designs for Hope or to give a general donation to Designs for Hope, please click on the logo below.

No matter what your decision, thank you for your prayers and your consideration.  May God bless you in all that you do.